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Blue by TrueDarkHero Blue :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 0 Dragon Realm by TrueDarkHero Dragon Realm :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 1 0
Fools and Idiots
Blindly talented,
Talented blindness
Creator of realities,
And yet,
Unable to see reality,
As something uncreated
False illusions of intelligence,
A figment of imagination.
Unable to conspire a lie,
Unable to create a doubt,
Multiple hates, multiple times.
To love,
To friendship.
Not real,
Shouldn't be real.
Idiot not welcome,
Never welcomed.
Only idiots mourn stupidity,
Only fools cry for lost dreams.
I cry for both.
(Un poetrized peice)
A fool. That was all I ever amounted to. A simple fool with a talent for being blind. Unable to see what was clearly displayed, unable to accept just once that reality is not the way I create it to be.
And I thought I was smart. I thought I had some semblance of intelligence. Never once believing that it was a lie, never once doubting that there was something else. It never even occurred to me that I was being the thing I hated, several times over. I was an egotistical fool with a singular blindness when it came to love and fri
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 1 1
The Demon Kaki Fera by TrueDarkHero The Demon Kaki Fera :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 2 Forbidden by TrueDarkHero Forbidden :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 0
Finally off the edge.
Safely on solid ground,
Safe to be alone.
My heart beat with contentment,
My mind relaxed
And my soul began to smile.
But then…
I'm standing on near the edge again.
I see you on the other side,
I see your sad smile,
And I want to hold your hand and see you through.
But the edge is there.
If I step out onto that edge,
It will start again.
I will lose bits of me,
As my soul trembles,
Knowing a single breath could sending me falling,
And I would be back to square one.
If I knew you were waiting on the other side,
I would take that plunge,
If I thought you could be with me,
I would gladly fall for you again.
But even I can learn,
I know there is a fatal gap between me and you.
I shake and back away from the edge
And from you.
You are far too easy to fall for.
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 2
One moment,
            You're there,
And when I look again,
            You're not.
Why can't I see,
            The hole you tear in me?
Why do I refuse to believe,
            You ever loved me?
One instant,
            You're smiling,
And when I grin in return,
            You're screaming.
Why can't I cry,
            When I need to cry?
Why can't I just leave,
            The darkness that surrounds me?
One time,
            You smiled at me,
And whe
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 0
Your Life, My death
Your life,
my death.
Your tears,
my death.
Your hate,
my death.
Your love,
my death.
Your death,
my death.
My... life,
your life?
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 0
Inflicted by TrueDarkHero Inflicted :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 6 Forgotten But Not Forgiven by TrueDarkHero Forgotten But Not Forgiven :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 4
                The very realm was forsaken. They were guided to break with the gods, desecrating what they once held dear. They destroyed what they had built to the gods, both dark and light. Now, because of these actions, the gods were raging. The entire realm was forsaken.
                Many were outraged. They screamed, they stole, and worse of all, they killed. They were the ones who brought destruction on the realm and they were the ones who made it a reality.
                Others decided not to wait for their deaths. They ended their own lives rather than allow themselves to be claimed by the apocalypse. They chanted the ritual to the gods, begging forgiveness and giving their lives to atone for their sins. Only the gods never forgave them
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 1
Without a Mind
Without a mind,
There isn't anything I miss.
Without a mind,
I'm right where I belong.
Without a mind,
Everything about me is fake.
Without a mind,
I am just an empty shell.
Without my mind,
I am lost,
drifting without a thought,
Just existing,
never wondering.
Without my mind,
I'm just waiting,
sitting here idly,
smiling at nothing,
nothing to smile about.
Without my mind,
I am gone,
everything i am destroyed,
no mention of humanity,
just a body without the soul.
Without my mind,
I am happy,
I am free,
but truly,
I am no longer me.
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 1 1
Peeling back the layers,
I can see the faults,
The scars,
The hidden lies.
Peeling back the ages
I can see the webs,
The snarled strands,
The entangled lies.
Peeling back the mask,
I can see everything,
The ugly truth,
The hateful lies.
Peeling back the rage,
I can see my own faults,
The cool emotions,
The evil lies.
Peeling back the mind,
I can see the problem,
The stupid comments,
The hurtful lies.
Peeling back who I am,
I can see the future,
The encompassing loneliness,
The final lies.
Peeling back all the lies,
I finally see what I was meant to see,
The truth be told,
I was a lie.
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 4
The sensation,
It travels my skin,
It captures my mind.
Nothing left,
But this sensation,
This feeling.
Never forgiven,
And yet so forgotten,
This sensation of mine.
I thought I had gotten past this
I thought I had moved on,
But I was wrong.
This sensation,
Its addicting,
It captures my mind.
This sensation,
This feeling,
The pain races across my skin,
And soothes my soul.
Only then can the tears fall.
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 6
I can hear you whisper,
I sense the stares.
None of you understand,
All you can do glare.
I can hear your mockery,
I can sense your hate.
You dwell on who I was,
And never truly see who I am.
I can hear your plans,
I sense the anticipation.
You judge what I am,
With no thought of why I am.
I hear you coming,
I sense its time.
I turn to face you,
To face you and your prejudice,
To face the blade in your hand.
I turn to face my death,
Because I'm butch.
:icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 2
My Demon by TrueDarkHero My Demon :icontruedarkhero:TrueDarkHero 0 12

Random Favourites

Girl2 by RentAngel Girl2 :iconrentangel:RentAngel 1 6 naked and with the dead by youkai-hime
Mature content
naked and with the dead :iconyoukai-hime:youkai-hime 14 12
That night...
That night,
She threw away her old life,
All she would'nt let go of for pride,
The trouble she would always make,
All this she threw away.. that night;
That night was the last time their hearts would be whole and alright.
That night they threw their hearts away together, but not for life.
That night,
He gave away his life,
All he fought for inside,
He gave up the fight,
The love he would always give,
All this he gave away that night;
That night was the last time their hearts would be whole and alright.
That night they threw their hearts away together, but not for life.
:iconangelic-x:Angelic-X 1 4
B layout -city market- by studioboo B layout -city market- :iconstudioboo:studioboo 5 6 Never Die-part Two by Alihasiru Never Die-part Two :iconalihasiru:Alihasiru 3 4 Jezebel for ThePsychopomp by TheArtfulMegalodon Jezebel for ThePsychopomp :icontheartfulmegalodon:TheArtfulMegalodon 3 10 Stealing the Stars by kyoht Stealing the Stars :iconkyoht:kyoht 1,093 188 Possession by Goldenwolf Possession :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 2,778 367 Jamini sketch by norithics Jamini sketch :iconnorithics:norithics 4 13
Secretly sharing sweet I love yous
I kiss your lips and taste some heaven
steadily singing songs with my heart
I let you listen when wrapped in my arms
Loving the way life looks with you
I bite my lip and pray this lasts
Longing for love to linger longer
I reach out to you with hands pristine
The haunting hurt has healed now
Looking in your eyes I feel renewed
Happy when here holding your heart
I promise better care for it than for mine
Burying bad memories brought by old loves
you seem to erase it all with three words
bringing back happiness by caring for me
I love you with love almost too sweet
:icontormentedsorrows:TormentedSorrows 10 77
Lady Electric by dualdesigns Lady Electric :icondualdesigns:dualdesigns 25 89 Commission by caffinefreek Commission :iconcaffinefreek:caffinefreek 2 0 Thought. by klassikalfreak Thought. :iconklassikalfreak:klassikalfreak 860 263
another night
another night waiting
for the phone to ring
another night waiting
to hear that angelic voice
another night wishing
that life was fair and you near
another night wishing
that i could stop these lonely tears
another night missing
the laughter and life you brought
another night missing
the true love i sought
another night loving
how she made my world a better place
another night loving
the one who makes each day
:iconinteractiveperson:interactiveperson 1 0



Artist | Photography
Current Residence: In the back of your mind
Favourite genre of music: If I can sing to it, its all good
Operating System: Windows XP
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Skin of choice: GOO!
Favourite cartoon character: Utena and Anthy, and Ami!
Personal Quote: Its all a matter of perspective
People! i exist! MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!

anyway, i do have a bunch of drawings i want to put up, some of which... most of which is yuri stuff. Its so pretty one of them. It has a whole story potential about it, which hasn't been written. In the picture, a angel and a fairy are leaning in to kiss each other.

But of course, fairies and angels never did get along... and since the fairy is a warrior fairy, trouble happens *the type of wings fairies have is based on what they are. If they are royalty, they have four tips. If they are warrier fairy they have three. Normal fairies have just two.*

Angel : what about the others?
Fairy: I don't care. I would rather soar with love than fly with wings.
Angel : *insert name here*...

Its so pretty. my only peeve about it is that its on lined paper ; _ ; nah:P

So... i WILL post that soon!

so says da Fera!


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